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We understand that selling your house is a stressful process, so it’s completely natural that you will want to ask some question. Below you’ll find some frequently-asked questions and our answers, which we hope are helpful.

  • 1. Will WCB buy any house or flat In Wales?
    Yes! We will look at all residential properties in any condition and location in Wales.
  • 2. How fast is the process?
    The process varies according to each property. We can do it in 7 days, although more common is between 2 to 4 weeks.
  • 3. What are my costs?
    There are none. We pay all the fees including your legal fees, if you use one of our recommended solicitors for speed. The great thing about the deal is that you also no longer need to pay estate ‘agents’ fees’ (subject to their terms)
  • 4. Can you be flexible with timing?
    WCB can be as flexible as you want us to be, We can work around your timescales as realise buying and selling property sometimes involves hold ups.
  • 5. What happens with the property after you buy it?
    We try to sell the property afterwards.
  • 6. Will you be buying the property or an investor?
    We will. Some companies try to pass you on to other genuine companies for a commission. Not us. We buy your home ourselves and then try to sell it.
  • 7. How much will you pay?
    It is subject to the valuation of your property. We usually pay up to 85% of the the valuation. Most companies in this market pay only between 70% to 80%, despite promises to the contrary.
  • 8. Is the process confidential?
    Yes it is entirely confidential. The only parties who would need to see any details are the solicitors, advisors and estate agent.
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