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Why choose Wales Cash Buyers?

  • Our people have been buying properties for more than 20 years

  • We buy the properties with our own funds. We do not have an external financier we need to get approval from.

  • We do not have to pay finance fees, so can pay more than other cash buying companies

  • An accurate valuation performed by a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors at no cost to you

  • WCB are genuine cash buyers,  we won’t pass your property on to investors

  • We are a family company which loves Wales. The grandmother of the founder was born in Bargoed in Caerphilly.

  • Other similar companies charge you for the surveys,  not us. We charge you no fees and pay for everything.

  • If you use one of our panel of independent solicitors, we will pay all legal costs.

  • Once the survey has come back in order, Wales Cash Buyers guarantees to buy your property at the agreed amount and will not pull out giving you reassurance. 

  • Just give us a try. There is no obligation to accept our offers and the process is entirely free.

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